Connect land masses for vehicular and heavy-load access or create safe elevated pedestrian pathways with resilient bridge decking from Indiana Gratings.

An industry-leading bar grating fabricator, we offer a variety of pedestrian and vehicular bridge decking project solutions. These include heavy-duty riveted grating for vehicles and aluminum or light-duty steel grating products for sidewalks, boardwalks and inspection walkways.


Bridge decking designed to support vehicular traffic and heavy loads is manufactured by cold-press riveting truss shaped recticuline bars to rectangular bearing bars. Bridge decking is created by manufacturing a grate with reticulated bars between two bearing bars. This will give the grate the appearance of a series of bell curves that are between two straight bars. This is excellent because the design of the grate handles a majority of the stresses that a roadway or a bridge experiences every day.The resulting product is an exceptionally durable heavy-duty grating with superior stiffness and lateral stability. Bridge decking is often the preferred heavy-duty grating for applications subject to repetitive impact and loads. Common applications include bridge floors, highways, inlets, and airport trench drain covers.

A popular pedestrian bridge decking choice is aluminum, which has a high strength-to-weight ratio and is corrosion resistant. With minimal maintenance, our aluminum bridge decking will never rust. The smooth, cool metal will not flake off or soil skin and fabrics it contacts. Available with swage-locked, flush-top, dovetail, riveted and plank constructions, aluminum offers close-bar spacing ideal for a wide array of shoe types.


Bridge and roadway grating is perfect for areas that have a high amount of traffic every day. One of the most commonly used bars for this application is riveted bars. This is due to its high level of durability. These bars are also resistant to buckling and help to alleviate the stress that normally leads to joint failures.

At Indiana Gratings, we understand no two applications are identical. Our team will discuss your application and its intended use before offering the optimum bridge decking choice. With an in-house fabrication shop staffed by knowledgeable employees, we will work from your existing drawings or help design the perfect solution from the ground up.

With superior workmanship, quick turnaround times and competitive pricing, Indiana Gratings strives to forge long-lasting relationships with our clients. We are dependable, courteous and ready to answer any questions.

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Riveted Grating
Riveted Grating
Riveted Grating
Riveted Grating

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