Strong, lightweight, and resistant to corrosion, aluminum grating is perfect for all types of applications. Improve access or better accent architectural features with weather-resilient, environmentally friendly aluminum grating from Indiana Gratings your aluminum dove tail grating suppliers.

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Aluminum Grating Advantages

Aluminum swaged grating is a load-bearing panel comprised of horizontal bearing bars joined to perpendicular cross bars at various intervals. This construction style creates an open-air surface, which results in enhanced drainage, ventilation, visibility, and light passage while supporting pedestrian or lightweight wheeled vehicle movement.

Bar grating products are often subjected to the elements. Aluminum naturally generates a surface oxide layer that protects against corrosion and degradation. As a result, this material has a long lifespan and requires minimal maintenance. Other characteristics include:

• Low Weight
• High Strength-To-Weight Ratio
• Aesthetic Appeal
• Resists Rust
• Absorbs Shocks
• Not Magnetic
• Ductile
• Absorbs Sounds
• Reflective
• Odorless
• Does Not Spark

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important issue for consumers and businesses alike. Integrating aluminum bar grating into an application is a great way to boost access or aesthetic appeal in an environmentally friendly way. The material is non-toxic and completely recyclable.

Your Aluminum Bar Grating Solutions Provider

Indiana Gratings is a leading fabricator of aluminum grating products for demanding applications. It’s deliverable with various bars sizes and spacings in swage-locked, flush-top, dovetail, press-locked, riveted, I-Bar, and plank constructions.

When determining the optimal aluminum grating product for your application, the primary consideration is the construction method. Surfaces can be smooth or serrated, which provides additional traction. Each style offers unique advantages.

Swage-Locked Aluminum Bar Grating

Swaged aluminum bar grating is manufactured by inserting tube cross bars into bearing bars with pre-punched holes. The crossbars are then permanently secured using a swaging reshaping process. With cross bars recessed below the top surface of the bearing bars, swage-locked aluminum grating offers clean lines and a distinct appearance.

Dovetail Aluminum Bar Grating

A tightly locked and rigidly stable panel grid with smooth lines and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Manufactured by deforming pre-punched bearing bars and cross bars assembled in an egg-crate configuration under intense hydraulic pressure, dovetail grating permits heat, light, and air to pass quickly.

Riveted Aluminum Bar Grating

Rugged rivets bond the bearing bars and bent connecting bars at contact points. Joining the bars creates a high-strength joint, increasing the grating panel’s buckling resistance, load-bearing capacity, and lateral stability. This type of bar grating allows for easy passage of heat, light, and air.

Plank Aluminum Bar Grating

Aluminum plank bar grating is a walking surface with channels shaped from a one-piece, cold-formed construction. The planked surface is provided unpunched or with various punch patterns to reduce weight and enhance the passage of air, light, heat, or moisture.

Flush-Top Aluminum Bar Grating

This bar grating type is manufactured by permanently locking cross bars into notched bearing bars using tremendous hydraulic pressure. Cross bars that are flush with the top surface of the bearing bars create durable, close-tolerance panels with clean lines. Able to support the same loads as welded grating with closer cross bar spacing, flush-top aluminum bar grating provides strength and cosmetic appeal at an economical price point.

Press-Locked Aluminum Bar Grating

Grating that’s manufactured using tremendous hydraulic pressure to bond the two close-tolerance slotted bars together, permanently locking crossbars into notched bearing bars. This results in a firm, rigid connection and bi-directional flush surface featuring a clean, aesthetically pleasing look.

I-Bar Aluminum Bar Grating

Tube cross bars are inserted into I-shaped bearing bars with pre-punched holes using a swaging reshaping process. The I-bars offer a more economical design than standard rectangular swaged bar grating. When the cross bars are recessed below the top surface of the bearing bars, the panel has crisp, flattering lines.

Best Uses For Aluminum Bar Grating

Strong, resistant to corrosion, and economical, aluminum bar grating is ideal for a wide range of applications. Examples include:

• Sewage Treatment Plants
• Boardwalks
• Parks
• Petrochemical Facilities
• Civil Engineering Projects
• Rail Infrastructure
• Airports
• Train Stations
• Vessels
• Schools
• Breweries
• Colleges
• Universities
• Power Stations
• Chemical Processing Facilities
• Bottled Water Production Plants
• Drinking Water Treatment Facilities
• Food And Beverage Processing Plants
• Waste Processing Facilities
• Incineration Plants
• Offshore Applications
• Seaports
• Shipping Terminals
• Agricultural Applications
• Docks
• Marinas

Bespoke Aluminum Bar Grating Fabrication

Sometimes an off-the-shelf product isn’t right for an application. As a leading aluminum bar grating provider, Indiana Gratings specializes in custom solutions for challenging situations.

We can create finished aluminum bar grating products using your drawing, purchase order, or specification. Those with an idea that isn’t fully realized are welcome, too. Our team will work with you to bring your project from concept to finished product quickly and affordably.

Client-First Approach

Indiana Gratings strives to create long-term partnerships with our clients by providing high-quality products and industry-leading customer service.

Inspections occur at every fabrication process phase, and no product leaves our shop until we confirm fitment and verify all applicable specifications have been met. This includes laying out fully completed panels and making certain bars, cross rods, and cuts line up.

Contact Indiana Gratings for more information about our aluminum swaged grating & aluminum dovetail grating suppliers. 

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