From walkways with unique dimensions to distinctive structures requiring bespoke architectural accents, off-the-shelf galvanized bar grating products aren’t always best for every application. When you need a metal grating solution tailored to your specifications, turn to the experts at Indiana Gratings.

With years of experience and a dedication to quality, we’re able to custom fabricate reliable and robust grating products to meet your exact project requirements and applicable industry standards. Even better, by using corrosion-resistant galvanized carbon steel, you can rest assured knowing the finished product will withstand wear and elemental exposure for years to come. 

Why Go Custom? 

Essentially, custom grating is any design that’s not producible with standard panels. There are many reasons to go this route, but fitment is the most common. We’re capable of providing you with any size, spacing, and shape of grating you can dream up. Since the possibilities are virtually endless, you can get the perfect solution for your project instead of settling for something less desirable. 

From straight paneling with a cutout for critical equipment to unique shapes and even completely round grating, everything is possible at Indiana Gratings. Our in-house capabilities include precision cutting, piece-marking, notching, and welding.

Benefits Of Galvanized Carbon Steel 

When it comes to custom bar grating projects, galvanized steel is often the ideal material. It’s carbon steel coated with a protective zinc layer that prevents premature degradation.  

This steel type is economical, durable, and easy to cut, form, and weld, making it perfect for designs with unique dimensions. Other benefits of this versatile material include: 

  • Low Maintenance
  • Easy To Clean
  • Long Lifespan 
  • More Affordable Than Stainless Steel
  • Protective
  • Suitable For Indoor And Outdoor Environments 
  • Environmentally Friendly  

Galvanized carbon steel can withstand environments prone to inclement weather, moisture, and corrosive chemicals. Completely recyclable, it’s also considered a green material. That makes this material suitable for those moving toward or aiming to highlight sustainable practices. 

Your Custom Galvanized Steel Bar Grating Solutions Source

Indiana Gratings is a leading fabricator of custom galvanized gratings for demanding applications. We can deliver this grating type in various bar sizes and spacings with cross bars joined to bearing bars by welding, dovetailing, swage-locking and riveting. 

A driving consideration for custom bar grating projects is the construction method. Surfaces can also be smooth or serrated, which provides additional traction. Each style offers unique advantages.

Welded Custom Galvanized Bar Grating 

Bearing bars and cross bars are resistance welded under high heat and pressure, forming a permanent joint. This process creates a rugged, one-piece structural panel with a smooth and flat surface that’s perfect for supporting pedestrian and light vehicle traffic. 

Swage-Locked Custom Galvanized Bar Grating

Panels are fabricated by inserting hollow tube cross bars into bearing bars with pre-punched holes. The crossbars are then permanently secured using a swaging reshaping process. With cross bars recessed below the top surface of the bearing bars, swage-locked grating offers clean lines and a distinct appearance.

Dovetail Custom Galvanized Bar Grating

A tightly locked and rigidly stable panel grid with smooth lines and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Manufactured by deforming pre-punched bearing bars and cross bars assembled in an egg-crate configuration under intense hydraulic pressure, dovetail grating permits heat, light, and air to pass quickly. 

Riveted Custom Galvanized Bar Grating

Rugged rivets bond the bearing bars and bent connecting bars at contact points. Joining the bars creates a high-strength joint, increasing the grating panel’s buckling resistance, load-bearing capacity, and lateral stability. This type of bar grating allows for easy passage of heat, light, and air. 

Design Your Order Today

Our area of expertise is manufacturing custom galvanized bar grating from your print, specification, or purchase order requirements. If you have a unique bar grating need but no fully realized design, it’s not a problem. 

Our expert engineering team is happy to work with you to develop a solution. Here’s how the process works: 

Understand Your Application 

Determine Your Specifications 

Select A Construction Method 

Pick A Traction Type, If Applicable 

Choose A Surface Finish, If Needed

When embarking upon a custom fabricated galvanized grating project with Indiana Gratings, your satisfaction is our top priority. We use superior materials and precision manufacturing processes to produce finished orders that fit and function as intended. 

Common Galvanized Gratings Applications

This dedication to quality and service is why we’re trusted by clients operating across many critical industries for custom bar grating products. Applications that can benefit from bespoke bar grating include: 

  • Bridges 
  • Plant Floors
  • Vault Covers
  • Loading Docks
  • Airfield Landing Mats
  • Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Boardwalks
  • Parks
  • Petrochemical Facilities 
  • Civil Engineering Projects
  • Rail Infrastructure
  • Airports
  • Vehicular Trenches
  • Wash Racks
  • Vehicular Sump Pits
  • Train Stations
  • Vessels
  • Schools
  • Breweries
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Power Stations
  • Chemical Processing Facilities 
  • Bottled Water Production Plants
  • Drinking Water Treatment Facilities
  • Food And Beverage Processing Plants
  • Waste Processing Facilities 
  • Incineration Plants
  • Offshore Applications 
  • Seaports 
  • Shipping Terminals 
  • Agricultural Applications
  • Docks
  • Marinas 
  • Other Areas With Truck, Vehicle, Or Forklift Traffic

Let’s Get Started

Improve movement and traction at your application with custom galvanized gratings from Indiana Gratings. 

For more information, please feel free to contact us. Our team is happy to discuss your goals in greater detail. 

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